Winter Slaw

As one of Cardiff leading caterers I really enjoy researching food trends, Autumn 2014 see’s Old fashioned coleslaw take off into new stratospheres.  Thanks to the popularity of the slow cooked meat and the street food movement slaw has regained it’s place in the bun!  There is no end to the wonderful, tantalising ingredients that can be added.

Red cabbage or white, sweet sliced Brussels sprouts, julienned carrot, grated beetroot, celeriac, kohlrabi, shallots, fennel, spring onions.  Roasted cumin seeds, fennel seed, coriander seeds and chilli, lemon, parsley, dill, mint, fresh apple, dried apple, apricot, cranberries or just go nuts!  Walnut, pecan, you can, any can. Yogurts, sour creams, crème fresh all adding a fresh flavour and allowing the seasonal vegetable to crunch through.

What slaw fits in which bun!

Go fennel, dill, lemon with fried fish and home made fish fingers.

Roasted cumin, apple and cranberry with slow cooked pork belly

Brussels, celeriac, shallot, yoghurt and mint with a free range chicken skewer

Blue cheese and walnut slaw with baked buttery garlic field mushrooms

Red cabbage, kohlrabi, sour cream, coriander seed, toasted cashew nut, chilli with Asian beef.

Here’s my favourite. (well the one I chose today)

Sliced Kale leaf, Brussels carrot, fennel seed, spring onion, squeeze of  lemon, Mayonnaise, parsley and black pepper served in taco shell with a succulent sliced chicken  breast

In a bowl or on a buffet, lets be eating, lets be celebrating, lets dress up the humble cabbage!

Winter slawBuffet 9 Oct



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