Winter Parties

Winter Parties

What’s Cooking ?

  • Nathans just cooked lunch for Cardiff Waterside
  • Beths whipping up 122 Autumn Pavlovas
  • Ej’s making mash mallows
  • and Congratulations to the little van for passing it’s MOT!

The winter nights are turning in and chilly, the winds are blowing with a wild roar and the rain is beating down, its definitely time to bring in the logs, light the fire, have a drink, thank clients and share with friends.

Its time to plan that PARTY!

Fun with finger food Canapés 2011

  • Mini Welsh beef burgers with red pepper relish
  • Mini thin based Pizza with Mediterranean tapas toppings
  • Free range chicken skewers with Nathans Bang Bang dressing
  • Salt and chilli squid
  • Battered haddock  and chip –lets in bamboo cones
  • Crispy free range chicken tempura with sweet chillie sauce
  • Maple glazed sausages with orange zest and walnut
  • Y-fenni and Leek Tart
  • Abergavenny Smoked salmon with dill skewers,
  • Fillet of Welsh beef crostini with horseradish cream
  • Bloody Mary cherry tomatoes

Bon Appetiti

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