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Lets get Started One for the kids Cheesy Bacon on chips

Palma ham & potatoes

You will need

One large potatoes – cut into fat/flat wedges A splash of olive oil,  salt and pepper to season the potatoes and to keep it healthy we will roast them in the oven until golden brown.  About 25 mins at 180. 4 streaks of bacon, laid flat onto a baking tray and whilst the oven is on and hot, pop in the oven with the potatoe, it will cook in the same time

To make the topping, Mix 200gr of cream cheese light with 100gr of grated cheese. ( I like to add chopped chives or spring onions but to be honest the kids prefer without!) Once the potatoe wedges are cooked, remove from the oven and pipe or spoon the cheesy cream cheese on top and garnished with bits of bacon.

Tomatoes also work well and add colour, broccoli adds a hair do and mushrooms just do what mushrooms do!

Enjoy little ones – ejx