We made the right move!

Dear Foodies

I am sorry it’s been a few weeks but since we moved into our “SuperKitchen!” 3 months ago we have fed around FIVE and a HALF THOUSAND people, give or take a hundred! Every single one has had an home made dessert, and doesnt Beth know it! Everyone one has had home made bread and Nathan can get 40 loaves prooving before morning coffee and I could not count the crustini’s even if i wished too!
My AMAZING team have worked so hard, thanks to them and they are all taking little hols in Aug!

Sadly Karen has left us but sends her best to you all. I would like to Welcome Richard to the team. With a catering back ground Richard will be in the office as well as out at events.

Dare I say it, but due to your demands the Christmas menus will be coming out soon!! Wait I say lets get the kids go back to school!

Hope you are all having a great summer

Best wishes