Vegetarian and vegan has never been so popular and in your face as it is right now and you know what, us lot in the industry have no choice but to sit up, listen and respond deliciously!

The Veggie diet is on the increase, according to research by the Vegan society conducted in 2016 there are now some 1,700,000 vegetarians in the UK , It’s estimated that this is up from 150,000 in 2006, either by choice of life style or dietary requirement It’s also a hot Google topic – the number of searches worldwide has spiked in recent years. The search engine uses a number out of 100 to represent interest in a search term. In 2008, the word “veganism” had a popularity score of only 17 but it has increased to 88 only 10 years later.

All this is ok for us at ej’s as we have always cooked fresh and feel that everyone’s pallet is of equal importance. Our Vegetarian wedding and hospitality meals reflect the other dinners meals and where possible all the accompliments are the same. Cooking with the seasons we make Spring goats cheese struddles with young leeks, into the summer with blasts of Mediterranean stacks with basil oils, sundried tomatoes and tapenade . Autumn and winter lead us to Butter nut squash and portabella mushrooms with toasted pine kernels and gremolata. Strong solid flavours, vibrant colours leaving the meat eaters leaning over to ask “what have they got! “

All our menus can these days be created caring for all dietary requirements and that’s just the way it is going, it’s not a fad, it has become a way of life

Loads of information and recipes here

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