The Perfect Recipe for Your Big Day

The Perfect Recipe for Your Big Day

Creating your perfect wedding can take a varied amount of time. The process takes some couples just 6 months; others spend a little more time planning their day and don’t walk down the aisle until up to two years later. No method is right or wrong, it’s your day and therefore it’s tailored completely to you and your partner.

However, we know that sometimes the planning can get a little overwhelming so we have the perfect recipe to help you create your dream day.




  • Set the date
  • Budget
  • Venue
  • EJ Catering
  • Dress
  • Cake
  • Florist
  • Drinks
  • Stationary
  • Entertainment
  • Stag and hen do’s
  • Honeymoon


Start with the fun part. Research idyllic venues, dream dresses, tasty cakes and beautiful flowers and start to build a clearer picture of what your wedding day will look like. A theme will begin to emerge that will begin to reflects your taste as a couple, and will make your wedding unique to you.

Now that you have a clearer idea of how you’d like your day to look, you have a recipe for a day that you’ll never forget.

To set the date you need to consider these key ingredients: – the Registrar, the venue, and your guests. When all of these blend together perfectly you are ready to announce the details of your special day.

Next, assemble the family and establish a realistic budget. This is crucial to reducing stress levels and helps keep the planning exciting!

After this, meet with EJ catering and let the team help you create a menu for a feast that will dazzle your guests. Your wedding breakfast is the most important part of your day (after the ceremony, of course!)  and your meeting with EJ  will help  shape your big day. The team will provide you with a schedule and answer many burning questions. Now the excitement really starts!

Next, sieve in a meeting with the florist. They will create your bridal bouquet, button holes and church flowers, table arrangements and thank-you flowers. (Top Tip – you can reuse the flowers from the ceremony at the reception venue and free up some of the budget!)

Little by little you can start adding your other ingredients, the entertainment, the cake, your dream dress, the groomsmen’s outfits, your first dance, wedding cars, and hairdressers.  Be sure to mix well in between to make sure all your ideas blend together beautifully.

All good weddings should give your guests the feeling of celebration. Cocktails are a fun idea for your reception drinks.  Alternatively Champagne, Prosecco or a Bellini will add an elegant touch. Next think about wines that will pair perfectly with your delicious menu and ask Emma for recommended pairings.  (Top Tip – Think about recycling all those bottles and help us help the environment by running a sustainable business)

Next, add-in the finishing touches – wedding guest list, order of service, stationery, invites, menu cards and directions.

Now you have combined all of your ingredients perfectly, post your invites and relax and enjoy the coming weeks as your wedding comes to life

Just as you would when creating any great dish, allow some resting time.  A little time off wedding planning is a chance to gather your thoughts and enjoy the run up to the big day.

Now time to garnish!

The stag and hen dos should be full of fun and give you time to let off steam after all of your hard work.

Get creative with your entertainment, think aboutphoto boards, thank you gifts, wedding favours and of course, the speeches!  All good garnishes need just a little imagination!

For the pièce de résistance, plan the honeymoon of your dreams. Whether you go to an exotic island or a coastal retreat this is your time to reflect on your amazing day of celebration you shared with those you hold dearest, as you look forward to beginning your new married life.

Now you’re almost boxed up and ready to go. Before you serve, check in with EJ with your final guest numbers and dietary requirements; confirm final arrangement with the florist; attend your final dress fitting;  and ensure everyone has the final itinerary for your big day.

And now the icing on the cake – your Big Day is here.

Enjoy your special day and leave the hard work to us!

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