Pancake Day

Hello Foodies

Here’s my recipe for perfect pancakes.

Sieve 125gr self raising flour into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of golden caster sugar.
Make a well in the middle and whisk in 2 large free range eggs and 6 fl oz of milk.
Leave the batter to stand for 10-20 mins.

Heat a non stick frying pan with a small splash of oil and spoon in individual serving spoons of mixture at a time. This will make a small drop scone pancake. Cook on each side for a minute and repeat.

For starters serve with bacon and sweet corn and for pudding serve with chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate sauce with a flake in the top and dust with icing sugar.

Or just simple lemon juice and good quality honey.

However you eat them, enjoy!

Best wishes