Our Mums and Foodie Memories

Our Mums and Foodie Memories

A few weeks ago I launched a Mother’s day competition on Face Book to win a Family Meal.  In order to enter I asked people to share a foodie memory about their childhoods and their Mums.  I was over whelmed by the heartfelt memories we hold for everything that is MUM.  In the kitchen she rustles up many dishes, here are few flavours we all love.

My mum’s corn beef & potato pie, with her own pastry & her custard slices,

No one could ever top my mum’s lasagne and still can’t,

My mum’s tuna casserole with loads of fresh vegetables

My mum used to cook an awesome macaroni cheese

Andalusian chicken!

Warm dropped scones when we come in from school a real treat

The most amazing roast beef Sunday dinner,

Cod in parsley sauce, potatoes and peas a fav of mine.

Sorry but my mum wasn’t a good cook left the hairs on belly pork

My mum’s stew….. gorgeous dumplings…..Mum’s stew was a real labour of love…..and a memory that stays with me.

My mum make the best rice pudding, that and her custard meringue are childhood memories

My mum enjoyed dinner parties in the seventies and created some amazing menus,

My mum is a wonderful traditional cook and I particularly love her roast lamb dinner with mint from the garden.

Growing up my fave food was pizza and mum always like to put her touch as a heart to show how much she loved us xx


My mam wasn’t the best cook love her but her sausage swede and potato mash sokie peas and carrots with thick onion gravy apple or rhubarb tart custard for desert omg lush xxx

My mums steak and kidney pie followed by rice pudding.

My mums roast or definitely her homemade pasties. The lightest pastry

My mums warm chicken liver salad with french dressing.

My mums warm chicken liver salad with french dressing.

Spaghetti bolognese.

Cheese and egg soufflé followed by bread and butter pudding

Cheese and egg soufflé followed by bread and butter pudding

Mums wonderful pastry with her own version of butterscotch

My mams cornbeef stew with the thickest suet crust. Of the top. Followed by home made jan rollypolly with custard !!

My mums chicken pasta bake omg the taste is amazing


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