National BBQ Week

National BBQ Week

What’s better during the summer than sunset evenings in the garden with the sound and smells of the BBQ sizzling?!

For National BBQ Week we’re celebrating all things char-grilled and finger-licking good;  from meat to veg, side dishes and deserts! Our BBQ catering packages are popular as both private party catering and wedding evenings, and a few of our favourite dishes include – Swordfish and King Prawn Skewers, Jerk Chicken with honey and lime, chunky aubergines, and for desert, some BBQ pineapple skewers. Yum!

A few of our top tips for the best BBQ’s include:

  1. Make the most of marinades, herbs and sauces to get the best taste out of your meat
  2. Factor in some additional time in your schedule for ensuring the BBQ is hot enough before you begin cooking
  3. Turn meat regularly to ensure an even cook
  4. Position your BBQ buffet in the shade to avoid your perishable food spoiling
  5. Keep a well stocked fridge of ice cold drinks and refreshments for guests
  6. Spruce up your salad dishes with some fresh watermelon, avocado’s, or orange segements
  7. Halloumi – the ideal BBQ grilling cheese that everybody will enjoy!
  8. BBQ’s don’t have to be all meat – grilled peppers, aubergines & sweetcorns, and fishes such as prawns, salmon and tuna all work wonderfully on the BBQ!
  9. To avoid the skin on your fish from sticking to the grill, cook an a bed of slices lemons
  10. Ensure all your meat is cooked thoroughly – juices from chicken, pork, sausages and fish should all run clear. If in doubt, start off the cooking in the oven, and finish on the BBQ for the char grill effect.

If you’re thinking of hosting a summer party this year, why not let us bring you the ultimate BBQ package, including a chef, waitresses and refreshments – 



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