Natalie and Lester’s tapas feast

Natalie and Lester’s tapas feast

We had the honour of catering this fun and quirky wedding for the lovely Natalie and Lester. They opted for a non-traditional menu and here is what they had to say…

Making decisions for your wedding day is always nerve wracking but without a doubt we couldn’t have picked a better caterer if we’d tried! We didn’t want a traditional meal – opting for more of a tapas style picnic to compliment our tipi wedding – and the food that Emma and her team came up with was absolutely exceptional!

We had the most amazing, and abundant spread of everything we could possibly have wished for. Cheeses, hams, salamis, salads, freshly cooked breads, steaks cooked with chimichurri, and chicken – to name a few. And that was just the first two courses! The canapés were a beautiful selection of hand picked foods we loved. Emma even designed Bloody Mary food shots served up in test tubes for us, much to my husband’s delight! The desert was one of our favourites – cheese cake served with fresh berries and a pipet of berry compote to compliment. And finally we had amazing bacon sarnies served in the evening.

To top the day off, the staff always made sure we had had something to eat – as the bride and groom can often forget to do that bit when caught up in the day’s activities!!

The creativity, attention to detail, props, attentiveness of the staff and the teams hard work leading up to our big day is totally commendable! (Especially with the copious amount of questions we kept asking!) Emma’s team totally nailed it and I would go above and beyond to recommend their service to anyone looking for an awesome caterer. Many thanks guys!

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