Meet The Team – Yvonne, Event Supervisor

Meet The Team – Yvonne, Event Supervisor

Next up in our ‘Meet The Team’ blog installments is our wonderful event supervisor, Yvonne!

Over to you ….

What is your role at EJ Catering?

Senior Events Supervisor

What are your day to day responsibilities?

Overseeing Events, Training Staff, Making sure events are laid out correctly and beautifully, making sure clients are exceptionally happy! Building teams 🙂 Working with Emma and Laura to ensure clients needs are executed professionally and on point! Managing times and orders on the day, working with the kitchen and chefs and making sure everyone understands what’s going on. Meeting the guests and making sure they are happy.

What do you enjoy most about working at EJ?

The team is fantastic, Emma is very motivational, Laura is a pleasure to work with, super organised- and all the chefs and kitchen staff are really good at what they do- there’s a good team effort all round, everyone gets involved.

The staff are fantastic and all work extra hard to make sure things go well on the day- and have fun. The people we meet and work with is a pleasure, it’s so nice to see guests happy on their special day and enjoy the food and service. We get an insight into many lives! I love the variety and the impromptu tasks we have to do to make sure things go extra well….

Have your previous job roles all been in the catering/hospitality industry?

Most of them, in food and music festivals, race courses, hotels and bars management; but also in teaching and psychology.

If you were to put together a three course meal, which dishes would you choose?

Scallops and parma ham, with lemon butter asparagus.

Spiced goose with pumpkin mash and juniper jus, winter veg

Sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel fondant and creme anglais

Which food do you think best describes your personality and why? 

A smoked fish dish- Strong and Delicate 🙂 🙂

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