Meet The Team – Huw Williams




Based in Cardiff, Huw started working for EJ Catering in March 2015 as our pastry chef

What does your job title actually mean?

Pastry / buffet / prep & on site – I do a bit of everything.

What has been your path into this industry?

Barry College (with Beth) but I travelled the world. Sydney Taffee too.

What is your Favourite Meal?


What is your Favourite Drink?


What do you like best about your job?

It’s a fun environment and the diversity of cooking is massive.

What is your kitchen nightmare?


What is your kitchen heaven?

Tasting and developing.

Most memorable event you have worked on at EJ Catering?

Before EJ I cooked at Buckingham Palace.

What is your hidden talent?

Oh I’m not sure.

Who is your food industry inspiration?

David Chong, his food is beautiful.