Meet The Team – Clare Bartley




Before starting with EJ Catering in 2003, Warrington-born Clare worked as a TEFL teacher in Italy.

What does your job title actually mean?

I look after the money and make sure everyone, including our staff, gets paid!

What has been your path into this industry?

After completing my degree in Spanish and French at Heriot Watt University, I went on holiday to Benidorm (classy) and ended up staying after getting a job in a madalena factory that made madalenas for all the hotels in that area which involved doing pretty much the same as what I do now; invoicing and paying everyone.

What is your Favourite Meal?

Anything Italian.

What is your Favourite Drink?

Some people might think its white wine, but it’s actually fizzy water.

What do you like best about your job?

Having a laugh with the others and getting paid, obviously.

What is your kitchen nightmare?

Putting dishes away.

What is your kitchen heaven?

Cooking something new on a Saturday evening with a glass of wine.

Most memorable event you have worked on at EJ Catering?

My day to day is fun and it’s hard to say as the events are always amazing. Maybe the True Taste of Wales Awards in West Wales 2010 – the marquee nearly blew away!

What is your hidden talent?

I’m really good at Spin.

Who is your food industry inspiration?

I know a lot of Jamie Oliver recipes off by heart!