If you’re getting married this year are you sharing? 

Local cured meats, sharing starter
Local cured meats, sharing starter

There is a huge fashion for the slightly informal hamper, antipasti, sharing platter, carving joints and even sharing large desserts with many spoons!

But why? Is it that we like graze eating, or do we like the ice breaker of sharing, is it the child hood memories of being on family picnics & early friendship or is it just too much time on Pintrest!  What ever our reasoning it is friendly food that’s challenging the kitchen in good cooking and producing, I’m pleased to say, great flavour combo’s & fun presentation.

We have had to invest in baskets, hampers, planks, blocks, kilner jars.  We now tie thickets of rosemary & write luggage labels on Friday afternoons!

The chef are home smoking in earl grey tea & hay.  Slow cooking terrines on bian maries, Simmering seasonal chutneys, brining, layering humus ( for fun) & sprouting, which is something i learnt from my Grandmother years and years ago.

The country, home spun feeling for the Barn venues is seeing new venues popping up across south Wales, wonderful views filled with wild flowers and a journey of cows ambling to the milking shed is where we are at in 2015! Personally I like it, I like this cooking, these hamper baskets am happy to offer the menus to suit




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