Hear it – “Directly from the Client”

Hear it – “Directly from the Client”


Mini PeppersHallo Emma………Couldn’t have been better!



Thankyou so much to you and your team for helping to make this such a memorable occasion. Zeb will be sending some photos electronically [still a mystery to me how it’s done …] which you might like to use for PR, possibly. I have emailed Meg Anthony at Insole to say how great the catering was.

Specifically: many guests said the food was so much better than they expected – I think the general expectation was tired vol-au-vents and chicken supreme that had been warming too long …they found the canapes really special, the lamb superb and the freshness and flavors of the side dishes a really welcome surprise. My favorite was the flat breads and lemon hummus. I was just sorry I couldn’t eat more of everything, being responsible for the event doesn’t do a lot for one’s appetite ..

I think your staff know how much they were appreciated, one of the guests organised a collection for them, she is someone I have known for years and she does not give her approval lightly! We asked them to choose a bottle of wine each, and I am so sorry we didn’t include the chef, who was of course invisible. Please tell him how much everyone enjoyed his menu.

Insole Court Nov 2016

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