Happy International Women’s Day – An Interview with Emma

Happy International Women’s Day – An Interview with Emma

In honour of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d interview our fantastic Owner and Creative Director, Emma Jenkins. Here’s what she had to say about how she started her own business and where she is today…

  • How did you get into the job you are currently doing?

I returned home from 5 years of travelling and didn’t really fit into the routine of everyday life.  A friend suggested that I start up my own business, so I sold my car and bought a van instead. I wrote a few menus which I hand-delivered and I had a phone line put into my bedroom. I then went to India for a month and on my return the answer phone was flashing, I was off.

  • How have you grown the company since it was first founded?

I founded the company 19 years ago and at the time people were ready for something different.  I worked extremely hard and after 3 years I employed a second chef, after 7 years I employed a head chef and now have a team of 3 chefs, 2 office staff and my own role continues to develop and change every day.

  • What/who inspired you to follow this career path? 

My love of food and travelling, tasting new and exciting cuisines whilst I was abroad. My clients are also a great source of inspiration, I’m an incredibly motivated person but without a doubt it’s my customers that have kept me going.

  • What advice would you give anyone wanting to follow you?  

Go for it, work hard, and remember it’s a journey.  Like any journey it has its ups and downs but just keep your eye on the end goal and it’ll all be worthwhile.

To find out more about Emma, visit her staff profile page: https://ejcatering.wales/meet-the-team-emma-jenkins/ – she’s a whizz in the kitchen and always open to new ideas, so if you’re planning an event soon, get in touch!

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    Sara Macaulay

    Yippee what a wonderful woman you are…you have earned your success by pure hard work and your lively adventurousness. Hugs and love to you from a fan

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