Game of Thrones Finale VIP Screening for Sky and BamBam Productions

Game of Thrones Finale VIP Screening for Sky and BamBam Productions

Monday 20th May was an important day for Game of Thrones fans as the much-loved tv show came to an end. To celebrate, Sky and BamBam Productions put on 7 events across the UK including London, Dublin and Cardiff. When we were asked to cater for such an event we jumped at the opportunity to create the best menu, supply the best ideas and help create an unforgettable event at The Depot in Cardiff. 2 kitchens, 7 chefs and 28 team members – and that was just the EJ team!

The planning was a couple of months work. The set up began the day before, delivery after delivery arrived. The day of was an amazing transformation of The Depot, from the flags, table decor (Bert and Ernie events), to intricate glassware (LuxeTouch Events) and preparation of delicious food (us!!)

Once we received the booking, we decided immediately that guests of HBO and Sky were to feast as though they were kings and queens.

From Wild Boar to charcuterie platters, to over 700 desserts including Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes and tasty rhubarb pie, to copious amounts of mead, wine, ale and cider, we treated the 370 VIP guests as if they were King’s Landing royalty!

After their feast and a fair few glasses of wine, guests took their seats to watch the anticipated series finale of the last ever series of Game of Thrones.

We worked with amazing suppliers such as Harvey and Brockless, Luxe Touch events, A La Baskete Hire, Top Table, Bay Tree wines and so many more! We know the guests had so much fun and so did everyone working on the day.

Thinking of organising a similar event? Like the look of what we had to offer? Get in touch to see how we can make your event just as spectacular!

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