Evening Menu


Ploughman’s Picnic with a Welsh Cheese Board
Local ham baked and glazed with apricot, honey and fresh thyme
Free range chicken skewers with pesto
Wild mushroom and spinach pasties
Homemade Hummus, marinated olives, wee glazed sausages, pinwheels and smoked salmon scrolls.
A Welsh, French and Italian cheese board served with grapes, celery, cherry tomato, homemade cheese biscuits, warm baguette, homemade chutney, aioli and green salad
£12.50 per person

Wheels of Welsh and European Cheeses

Local and European whole cheeses
With homemade chutney, celery, cherry tomato, baguette
£400.00 one cost


Pork belly BBq

Whole braised pork bellies roasted and glazed on the BBq.  It’s smells amazing and will have them queuing with fresh appetites

Served with a spread of 4 salads and 4 sauces to choose from with a variety of  breads & wraps

£11.00 per person

Real coal BBq – £100


BBQ Buffet

In the style of below, but lets write it together so you have your favourite tucker
Moroccan marinated chicken drum
Aubergine olives filled with grilled Halloumi cheese
Butcher’s bangers with roasted onions
Chunky tomato and olive salad
Green salad with ej dressing
Homemade mayonnaise, chutney and Welsh cobs loaves
Price: £14.00 per person
Real coal BBQ: £100.00

Street food

A perfect evening for a laid back festival feel
Jerk, free range, chicken boneless thigh
Baked jerk  Aubergine
Chard corn cobs
Brown rice and pea
Spicy jerk sauce
Fresh tomato salsa
Served in a box
& a wooden fork
Price: £12.00 per person

Hog Roast – one hog will serve 100 hungry guests
Served with floury baps and a green salad
£14.00 per head
Includes salad, plates, staff and basic bar glasses

Clarks Pies
Served straight from the oven
£4.50 per person

Ice Cream Van
£3.50 per person (plus travel if outside Cardiff)

Inclusive of:
Chefs, supervisor and waiting team
Full hire of crockery and cutlery and fresh linen for buffet table