Christmas Gin

Christmas Gin

The 2018 drink of the year without a shadow of doubt ………….. GIN, Pink to be precise! We’ve erected many a Gin Bar for weddings this year and are about to do the same in 2019 has been very popular this year!

As it is the season to be jolly, merry and try all things festive why not try flavouring your own gins.  They make a perfect homemade gift & it’s all about #Ethical giving this year!

Flavoured gins are just infusions of other fruits, spices and flora that give colour and taste.  Whether you are after a seasoned sipper or a berry tipple a clean noted, uncomplicated gin is where we need to begin.

So with that in mind here’s how to make your own Christmas Gin.  

  • Gin (Aldi has been awarded the best gin of the year and its great value).
  • Jar or bottle, clean and sterilised, this is the presentation so think carefully.
  • Flavour, here’s a few:
    • Orange and cinnamon spice
    • Sloe and ginger
    • Ginger and chocolate
    • Rhurbab
    • Strawberry and vanilla
    • Elderflower with a hint of lemon and lime
    • Hibsicus flower – also delicious is Champagne
  • Most flavours take about 10days to infuse but do taste good after 5 days or so. Hard spices may take longer, soft fruits weep quickly.

Once the gin is infused and you are happy with the flavour, gift wrap or store in a cool dark place or in the fridge.

When it comes to service, think about the shape of the glass and the garnish.

  • Go simple with a tall glass, crushed ice and a crisp wedge that supports the main flavour.

Go bold with a large bowl glass and rock ice; you can make huge ice cubes by filling balloons like water bombs and freezing them!

Go classy with a low dumpy glass and cinnamon stick stirrer

Go vintage with an old set heavy glass, sloe and ginger ale with a hint of fresh lime zest.

  • Sugar dust to a rim, simple whip an egg white with salt, the salt breaks down the proteins making the whip very thin.  Lightly dip the rim and then into the caster or powered sugar.
  • Skewer blueberries and mint on cocktail sticks
  • Pop a ball edible glitter balls that you drop in the drink and as it says on the tin, your gin is garnished with glitter!
  • A warm gin toddy with a hint of lemon and hot water is amazing in any of the flavours
  • Tonics, almost all supermarkets stock a huge range  

Grapefruit & Rosemary is delicious with Mediterranean tonic. Add Rosemary to the base gin. Serve in a tall oversized wine glass, add ice, a slice of grapefruit and finish with fresh sprig of rosemary. Shimmer looks great in this cocktail, so go wild and add a glitter ball.

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