Cakes and Thumbs up!

Cakes and Thumbs up!

What’s Cooking?

  • Nathan’s cooking creamy Dauphinois potatoes for 180 guests this Saturday.
  • Clare and I are awaiting the offcuts for our lunch – which is now late!
  • Bethan is making Fois Gras truffles and rolling them in our home made Porchini mushroom powder
  • Andrew is still making pasties on a stick – he seems to have been doing it all week!


Kids at ej catering

I have always felt it important to feed kids well at family events. Children should eat at the table. Maybe not Welsh black fillet or home smoked duck breast but a good quality Shepherd’s pie prepared with as much attention by the Chef.

This little boy agrees!





ejcatering- A Fresh Summer Wedding Cake
A Fresh Summer Wedding Cake

Jubilee & Picnics

You may not feel like planning a picnic in this rain, but if we all think about it together, maybe we will bring the sun!
Picnic Hamper Ideas

  • A selection of delicate high tea sandwiches
  • Cucumber and Halen Mon rock salt
  • Poached Welsh salmon with horseradish and chives
  • Woodland raised ham with a Dijon mustard glaze and cream
  • Beef brisket open pie-lets
  • Salt cod scotch egg with roasted aioli dressing
  • Local Asparagus with wee kilner jars of Bearnaise sauce
  • Home made Gloucestershire old spot pies
  • Black mountain hot smoked mackerel pate on granary toast
  • Turkey and tarragon quail scotch eggs
  • Wild mushroom veloute pasties on a stick
  • Fillet of Welsh beef on brioche with wild rocket
  • Pembroke prawns with lemon, dill cream in savoury choux

Add a pudding

  • Queen’s jam tarts
  • Scones, vanilla cream and homemade berry jam
  • Fresh strawberries and homemade marshmallows
  • Individual Victoria sponges with homemade lemon curd and cream

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