Brick school up date

Brick school up date

We danced, we dug into great food and partied with our friends and families. Yes Brickjam3 brightened January and raised an amazing £13,500! We’re now so proud to update you on how your generosity is making a REAL difference in Nepal.

We grew our vision this year not only to continue to provide school meals for 150 children, but to improve their school experience- particularly for girls.
We pledged to train teenage girls how to make their own re usable sanitary products with locally available materials. It’s good for girls who often drop out of school at this time -and it’s good for the planet.

The training supported by The Waterloo Foundation took place at the Siddi Mangal community school this month. 150 teenage girls took part across two days.  Our sewing  teacher from The Brick Children  School passed on the practical skills whilst the teachers had an opportunity to talk to the girls about periods, the importance of continuing their education and delaying  marriage and childbirth.

With our local partners, we’ve also built a toilet block as part of a wider school re build after the earthquake.  These basic facilities  help to keep girls in school-  providing the privacy they need and the dignity they deserve.
Our monitoring over the last 4 years shows more kids in school more regularly and able to learn more effectively.

So when you book Brickjam you do something amazing and help make the  the 🌍 a better place.

Thank you Diolch Dhanyabad

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