Brick Jam

Free range ginger chickenThe date Has been changed to the 30th January 2015.  This is due to Wales v New Zealand game kicking off at 5.30pm on the 22nd!


The Brick Children’s School in Kathmandu, Nepal is a registered charity set up in North Wales 15 years ago to provide schooling and basic healthcare to child labourers. We also provide literacy and skills training for women, many of whom have gone on to set up their own businesses. We’re all volunteers in Wales/UK so no overheads taken out.

There’ll be no hard sell on the night of Nov 22nd, just a party atmosphere! A little goes a long way in Nepal.

The food will be fun, creative and perhaps alittle quirky!  The staff are giving their time for free.  My suppliers at ejcatering from cutlery, crockery to tables and chairs, meat, fish and vegetables are all giving, I have been overwhelmed by their generous support.

There will be a gin bar, a hula girl, music and even some funked up theatre .

Here is an Eventbrite link for more details, should you need them  tickets cost £38.50 and its all going to Nepal

Children working on the Brick School                                            Brick Jam Flyer

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