Allergy Awareness Week – Catering for Dietary Requirements

Allergy Awareness Week – Catering for Dietary Requirements

This week marks Allergy Awareness Week, which aims to highlight the full allergy spectrum from hay fever and asthma, to animals and food. 

The ever increasing demand for allergy friendly catering, including dishes free from dairy, nuts, and gluten, has seen caterers vastly expanding their offering of adapted recipes to suit clientele and guests, and with food the main focus of many events, its important that all guests can enjoy the day without the worry of allergies. 

Over the last 10 years I have become increasingly aware of food allergies. Similarly there has been a greater public awareness and interest in the way our food is produced.  So much so that these days it is the norm.  I now write all my menus with food allergies in the fore front of my mind.

We have adapted certain recipes so that all our chocolate brownies and sticky toffee puddings are gluten free. Every buffet menu is balanced with dairy free and vegan options and it’s something that we are continuously exploring.

Last year we catered a fully gluten free wedding for 130 people and this year we have a vegan wedding.  I know there is always room for improvement but I’m also pleased to say the food industry is responding;  the ranges of allergy free foods is a growing market and the quality of some of these products and ingredients are good!   Our health and wellbeing is something to be nurtured and I think it’s safe to say it’s here to stay!

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