Summer Essentials with ej@home 2016

Summer Essentials with ej@home 2016

Our at home range is a really sensible and convenient way to bulk out your party.  Its still home made, but made in my kitchen instead of yours.  It removes your stress and allows you to get on with the bits you enjoy and most importantly enjoy the party and spend time with your friends and family.

Dressed Salmon

Whole baked salmon, roasted with fennel, dill, lemon and bay served with a fresh herb cream mayonnaise

£80 – serves 12-14

Whole baked ham, sliced with Remoulade in sweet mustard and fresh dill

£60 – serves 12-14

Grilled asparagus tart royal

£35 – serves 12-14

Seared lemon chicken, lime and coriander salsa

£60 serves 12-14

Moroccan spiced lamb skewers, sweet chilli & fresh chilled tomatoes

£60 serves 12-14

Ham hock terrine, apricot pickles

£40 – serves 12-14

Ribboned Welsh beef, roasted beets & horse radish cream

£60 – serves 12-14

Tomato, shallot & basil tart tatin

£35 – serves 12-14

Jumbo three cheese pine wheels & rocket

£20 – serves £12-14

Grilled aubergine & feta rolls

£20 – serves £12-14

Chicken Skewer with sesame seed

021Kin and Ilk veggie

Call Emma or Neil on 02920 331723


All salads cost £24.50 and serve 12-14

Quinoa, with mint and pea.  Roasted beet, roasted butternut, feta and rocket leaves

Wild rice with Roasted spicy cauliflower, broccoli and banana shallot. Dill and radish dressing

Home made rocket & basil pesto, penne pasta & toasted pine nuts

Roasted sweet potato with coriander seed and stir fried vegetables, with sweet soya and fresh


Wickedly wild rice, a mix of brown, red and wild rice with fresh herbs, roasted vegetables, caramelised onion in a sweet vinaigrette dressing

Roasted sweet peppers with ripped basil and virgin olive oil

Gorgeously Greek salad with chunky olives, feta, coriander, tomato and cucumber

Panzanella, Tuscan bread marinated in olive oil and garlic, then tossed in fresh tomato, roasted pepper, diced red onion, ripped basil, chopped chive and parsley

Homemade coleslaw with jumbo raisins, sliced green apple and a light mustard mayonnaise

Sliced beef tomato salad with artichoke hearts, roasted spring onions and dressed in a sweet sticky vintage balsamic vinegar

Cucumber, mint, parsley & butter bean

A buffet of salads

PanzenellaEaible flower salad

Call Emma or Neil on 02920 331723

Bread Basket

All our breads cost £20 &serve 12-14

Foccaccia / garlic bread / Olive cobs and or cottage loave


All meat supplied is halal

All dietary requirements must be pre ordered and will be catered for

If there is something you fancy and its not on my list just ask

We are happy to create


“ Your salmon was superb, it looked impressive & tasted wonderful.  The herby mayonnaise was a perfect side and I want to order another!, Thanks Emma”


Pudding Time

All dessert cost £35 and serve 12-14

Classic Deep French Lemon Tart

Meringue Roulade with lemon and passion fruit cream

Organic dark Chocolate & hazel nut Torte – gluten free

Dark Chocolate Roulade filled with chocolate cream – gluten free

Chocolate roulade filled with vanilla and berry cream – gluten free

Merry berry crumble tart

White chocolate and raspberry cheese cake

Sticky upside down apple, apricot and almond torte

Profiteroles filled with vanilla cream and fresh fruit hearts

Cinnamon and hazelnut meringues sandwiched dark chocolate mousse

Chocolate truffle cake with a lavender chocolate ganache

Roasted plum frangipane tart

Plus any of your family favourites , Just ask, we love cooking new things!


Call Emma or Neil on 02920 331723






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